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Jopari Payer Directory

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There are currently 825 names in this directory beginning with the letter C.


C-Tap, Inc.

C.P.P., Inc.

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Cacique, Inc.


Caddo Basin SUD

Caddo Mills

Caddo Mills Housing Authority

Cadet Uniform Supply


Caldwell CAD

Caldwell Housing Authority

Caldwell-Travis SWCD #304

Calhoun County DD #11

Calhoun County E911 ECD

Calhoun County Navigation District

Calhoun County WCID #1

Caliber Holdings Corporation - CORVEL

California Agricultural Network Sig

California Chamber Of Commerce

California Fair Services Authority

California Healthcare Industry Program

California Hi-Tech Floors, Inc


California Restaurant Mutual Benefit Corporation - Sig

California Schools Risk Management

California State University - WC

California Truckers Safety Association - WC

California Water Service Company

Callahan CAD

Callahan County Nutrition Project

Callahan, McCune


CalPortland Company - CORVEL


Calvert Housing Authority

Cambridge Healthcare Services, LLC - CORVEL

Cambridge Integrated Services


Cameron Appraisal District

Cameron County DD #3

Cameron County Housing Authority

Cameron County ID #2

Cameron Housing Authority

Camp Central Appraisal District

Camp Wood


Campbell Union School District

Campmed Casualty & Indemnity Co

Can Select Personal

Can Summit Logistics


Caney City

Caney Creek MUD



Canyon Housing Authority

Canyon Lake Comm Library District

Canyon Regional Water Authority

Cape Royale Utility District

Capistrano Unified School District (CA) - CORVEL

Capital Area COG

Capital Area Rural Transportation System

Capital Insurance Group Wc

Capital Metro Transportation Authority

Capitol Indemnity

Capitol Insurance Companies - CORVEL


Captain D'S LLC

Cardenas Markets LLC - WC

Cardinal Comp (Part of Amfed)

Cardinal Health - Auto

Cardinal Health - WC

Cardinal Logistics Management Corp - Auto

Cardinal Logistics Management Corp - WC

Care Logic

Carewest - CORVEL


CareWorks Consultants, Inc. (CareWorks USA and CCI ONLY) - OH only

Cargill, Inc. - Auto

Cargill, Inc. - WC

Carhartt - CORVEL

Carisk Imaging to 21st Century Insurance

Carisk Imaging to AAA Mid-Atlantic

Carisk Imaging to Allstate Insurance

Carisk Imaging to American Commerce Insurance

Carisk Imaging to American Independent Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Ameriprise

Carisk Imaging to Amica Insurance

Carisk Imaging to AutoOne Insurance

Carisk Imaging to BMI Benefits, LLC

Carisk Imaging to Bristol West Insurance Group

Carisk Imaging to Broadspire

Carisk Imaging to Bunch CareSolutions

Carisk Imaging to Citizens United Reciprocal Exch. (NJCURE)

Carisk Imaging to Clarendon Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Concord Group

Carisk Imaging to Country Way / Agway

Carisk Imaging to CRC Claims Resoluton Corp

Carisk Imaging to D&H Alternative Risk Solutions

Carisk Imaging to Elco Administrative Services

Carisk Imaging to Electric Insurance Company

Carisk Imaging to Encompass Property Casualty

Carisk Imaging to Esurance Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Farm Family Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Farmers National Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Foremost Insurance Group

Carisk Imaging to GEICO

Carisk Imaging to Hanover Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Harford Mutual Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Harleysville Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Hartford Insurance - Auto

Carisk Imaging to Hartford Insurance - WC

Carisk Imaging to Highpoint Insurance/Plymouth Rock

Carisk Imaging to Hortica Insurance

Carisk Imaging to IDS Property Casualty

Carisk Imaging to IFA Insurance Company

Carisk Imaging to Infinity Insurance Company

Carisk Imaging to Kemper Services Group

Carisk Imaging to Lancer Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Liberty Mutual Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Mapfre

Carisk Imaging to Merchants Mutual - Auto

Carisk Imaging to Merchants Mutual - WC

Carisk Imaging to Mercury Insurance

Carisk Imaging to MetLife

Carisk Imaging to National General Insurance Co

Carisk Imaging to National Liability & Fire Insurance Co

Carisk Imaging to Nationwide

Carisk Imaging to NCA Comp

Carisk Imaging to New Jersey Skylands

Carisk Imaging to New York City Law Department

Carisk Imaging to NJ-PLIGA

Carisk Imaging to NY City Transit

Carisk Imaging to NYC Dept. of Sanitation

Carisk Imaging to NYSIF

Carisk Imaging to Ohio Casualty Group

Carisk Imaging to Palisades Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Peerless Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Personal Service Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Plymouth Rock

Carisk Imaging to Praetorian Insurance Company

Carisk Imaging to Preserver Insurance Company

Carisk Imaging to Progressive Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Pure

Carisk Imaging to QBE Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Rider Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Safe TPA, LLC NY only

Carisk Imaging to Safeco Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Sedgwick Auto Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Sedgwick WC Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Selective Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Sentry Insurance

Carisk Imaging to State Farm Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Teachers Insurance Plan of NJ

Carisk Imaging to Tower National/Tower Group Companies

Carisk Imaging to Travelers - Auto

Carisk Imaging to Travelers - WC

Carisk Imaging to Twin Lights

Carisk Imaging to U.S. Department of Labor-PA

Carisk Imaging to UMR Risk Management-NY WC

Carisk Imaging to Universal Underwriters Insurance

Carisk Imaging to US DOL NJ claims

Carisk Imaging to US DOL NY claims

Carisk Imaging to USAA

Carisk Imaging to Utica National Insurance

Carisk Imaging to Zurich Auto Insurance

Carl Warren - Carolina United National Labor

Carl Warren - Universal Limousine & Trans

Carleton College - WC


Carolina Healthcare Systems (Chs)

Carriage Motors, Inc.

Carrizo Springs

Carrizo Springs Housing Authority

Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD

Carson CAD

Carter Lumber - WC

Cascade Corporation (2186) - WC

Case Farms Processing, Inc. - WC

Cash SUD

Casitas Municipal Water District (CA) - CORVEL

Cass CAD

Cass County ESD #1

Cast & Crew Entertainment Services LLC - WC

Castle & Cooke - CORVEL

Castle & Cooke - Hawaii - Auto

Castle & Cooke - Insured - Auto

Castle & Cooke - Insured - WC


Castlepoint Insurance Company

Castlepoint National Insurance Company

Castro CAD


Catalent - WC

Catania Hijar Corporation


Catholic Diocese of San Diego

Catholic Health Initiatives - WC

Catholic Mutual - Preferred Professional Insurance Company

Catholic Mutual - Virginia Surety Company, Inc.


CBS Studios (Murphy and Beane)

CC-Development Group, Inc. - CORVEL

CCMSI - Claims serviced by Conduent Only

CEC Entertainment, Inc. - Auto

CEC Entertainment, Inc. - WC

Cedar Bayou Park Utility District

Cedar Fair, L.P. - WC

Cedar Hill

Cedar Park

Cedars-Sinai Health System



Cendant Corporation

Centennial Insurance Company

Center Housing Authority

Centers For Dialysis Care, Inc. - WC


Centerville Housing Authority

Central Colorado River Authority

Central Companies

Central Contra Costa Transit Authority - CORVEL

Central County Fire Department

Central Florida Health

Central Garden & Pet Company - CORVEL

Central Harris County Region Water Auth

Central Hockey League

Central Insurance (Except Central Mutual and All American)

Central Mutual Insurance

Central Texas COG

Central Texas GCD

Central Texas Iron Works

Central Texas Regional Mobility Auth

Central Texas Rural Transit District

Central WCID

Century Lighting, Inc.

Centurylink, Inc - Auto

Centurylink, Inc - WC

Cenveo Inc.

Certified Coatings Company - Auto

Certified Coatings Company - WC


CF Industries - Auto

CF Industries - WC

Chaffey Joint Union H. S. District (CA) - CORVEL

Chalk Hill SUD

Chambers County Public Hosp Dist #1

Champlain Enterprises, LLC - WC


Chandler's P. Verdes

Change Healthcare Holdings, LLC - WC


Chapman Convalescent

Charles Schwab Corporation, The - WC

Charles Taylor


Charming Shoppes, Inc.

Chateau Woods MUD


Cherokee CAD

Cherokee Insurance

Chesapeake Tunnel Joint Venture - WC


Chesterfield Services, Inc. (Except NY)

Chewy - Auto

Chewy - WC

Chicago Transit Authority

Chick-Fil-A - Auto

Chick-Fil-A - WC


Chico's Fas Inc. - CORVEL

Children's Health System of Texas - Auto

Children's Health System of Texas - WC

Children's Hosp Med Ctre of Akron OCIP - WC

Children's Hospital Colorado

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Children's Hospital of Orange County - First Aid

Childrens National Medical Center


Childress CAD

Childress Housing Authority



China Grove City of

Chino Auto Parts (A Corporatio

Chiquita Brands International, Inc. - Auto

Chiquita Brands International, Inc. - WC


Chireno ISD

Chisholm Trail SUD

Choice Hotels International, Inc. - CORVEL

Christian Brothers High School


Chrysler Group LLC - WC


Chubb (legacy Chubb & Son) - AUTO - CORVEL

Chubb (legacy Chubb & Son) - WC

Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies - Auto

Chubb Group Of Insurance Companies - WC

Chubb Services - Gallagher Bassett acquired claims

Chula Vista Elementary School District

Church Mutual Insurance Company - LIAB ONLY

Church Mutual Insurance Company (WC ONLY)

Church of Jesus Christ of LDS-Canada, The - WC


Cibolo Creek Municipal Authority


Cigna Corporation - Auto

Cigna Corporation - WC

Cimarron MUD

Cincinnati Insurance

Cincinnati Insurance - Auto

Cinco MUD #1

Cinco MUD #7

Cinco MUD #9

Cintas Corporation - Auto

Cintas Corporation - Canada - WC

Cintas Corporation - WC


Cisco Housing Authority

Cisco Systems, Inc. - WC

Citizens Insurance Company of America

Citizens of Humanity

Citrus Memorial Health Foundation Inc.

Citrus World, Inc. - CORVEL

City And County Of Denver - CORVEL

City and County of San Francisco (CCSF)

City of Adelanto

City of Alhambra

City of Amarillo (Austin)

City of Anaheim

City of Arlington

City of Ashland

City of Atlanta (Carl Warren)

City Of Bakersfield

City of Baltimore

City of Banning (CA) - CORVEL

City of Baytown - CORVEL

City of Beachwood Ohio - WC

City of Beaverton

City of Bellevue - WC

City of Belmont (Self Insured)

City of Beverly Hills

City of Beverly Hills - CORVEL

City Of Birmingham (Al) - CORVEL

City of Blythe (CA) - CORVEL

City of Boise - CORVEL

City of Brea

City of Cambridge

City of Campbell

City of Carlsbad

City of Carmel By The Sea

City of Carson

City of Charlotte

City of Charlotte - WC

City Of Chino

City of Chula Vista

City of Clovis

City of Colton

City of Columbia MO

City Of Compton

City of Coronado

City of Costa Mesa

City of Dallas

City of Del Mar

City Of Durham

City of Edinburg, Texas

City of El Centro

City of El Paso

City Of El Selgundo

City of Encinitas

City of Escondido

City Of Everett (Wa) - CORVEL

City Of Fort Collins (Co) - CORVEL

City Of Fort Lauderdale - CORVEL

City of Fort Worth (Tx)

City of Fountain Valley (CA) - CORVEL

City Of Fresno

City of Fresno FPOA ADR1

City of Gahanna - WC

City of Gardena (CA) - CORVEL

City of Glendale (AZ) - CORVEL

City of Grand Junction

City Of Hayward

City of Hialeah - WC

City of Hilliard - WC

City of Hillsboro

City of Hollywood FL - CORVEL

City of Houston

City of Huntsville - CORVEL

City of Imperial Beach

City of Imperial Beach (Voucher)

City of Irving

City of Jacksonville

City of Kansas City MO

City of La Mesa 11 (CA) - CORVEL

City of Laguna Hills (CA) - CORVEL

City Of Lake Charles (La) - CORVEL

City of Lakeland - CORVEL

City of Lemon Grove

City of Lewisville

City Of Lexington

City Of Longmont - CORVEL

City of Los Altos

City of Los Angeles

City Of Margate (Fl) - CORVEL

City of Memphis - WC

City of Merced

City of Miami Beach (FL) - CORVEL

City of Milwaukee (WI) - CORVEL

City of Minneapolis

City of Monrovia (CA)

City of Montebello

City of Montebello (CA)

City of Morgan Hill

City of Mountain View

City of Murieta (CA)

City Of Napa

City of National City

City Of New Orleans (La) - CORVEL

City of Newport Beach

City of Norfolk (VA) - CORVEL

City of Oceanside

City of Ocoee

City of Omaha (NE) - CORVEL

City of Ontario

City of Orange

City of Orlando (FL) - CORVEL

City of Palo Alto

City of Pasadena (CA)

City of Perris (CA) - CORVEL

City of Plano

City of Pompano Beach (FL) - CORVEL

City of Pueblo (CO) - CORVEL

City of Raleigh - CORVEL

City of Redding (CA) - CORVEL

City of Rialto, CA - CORVEL

City of Richardson

City Of Richland (Wa)

City of Richland (WA) - CORVEL

City of Riverside

City of Salinas - CORVEL

City of San Angelo

City of San Diego

City Of San Fernando

City of San Gabriel

City of San Jacinto (CA) - CORVEL

City of San Jose

City Of San Marcos

City of San Mateo (CA)

City Of Santa Ana

City Of Santa Barbara

City Of Santa Clara - WC

City of Santa Cruz - WC

City of Santee

City of Seaside (Tail)

City of Simi Valley

City of Snyder (TX)

City of Solana Beach

City Of South Lake Tahoe - WC

City of South San Francisco

City of St. Paul (MN) - CORVEL

City of Stanton (CA) - DOI after 7/1/2020 SEDGWICK

City of Stanton (CA) - DOI prior to 6/30/2020 CORVEL

City of Stockton (CA)

City of Topeka (KS) - CORVEL

City of Torrance

City Of Tucson

City of Upland (CA)

City of Venice

City Of Ventura

City of Vernon

City of Virginia Beach (VA) - CORVEL

City of Vista

City of Waco

City of Wadsworth - WC

City of West Covina (CA)

City of West Palm Beach (FL) - CORVEL

City of Westminster (CA)

City Of Wilson

City of Yorba Linda (CA)

City of Yuma

CityCounty Insurance Services - CORVEL

Civil Constructors

CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc.

Claims Administrative Services (CAS)


Clarendon Housing Authority

Clark County (NV) - CORVEL


Clarksville City

Clarksville Housing Authority

Classic Residence By Hyatt



Clay Road MUD

Clayton Concrete

Clean Harbor Environmental Services Incorporated (Auto)

Clean Harbor Environmental Services Incorporated (Work Comp)


Clear Brook City MUD

Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.

Clear Creek Watershed Authority

Clear Lake City Water Authority

Clear Lake Shores


Cleugh'S Rhubarb Ranch, Inc.;


Cleveland Construction Incorporated - Auto

Cleveland Construction Incorporated - WC

CLIC W/C Program - WC

Cliffs Natural Resources - WC


Clifton Housing Authority

Clint Town of

Clougherty Packing, LLC




CNA Insurance

CNA Insurance (AUTO ONLY)

Co Grande Casino

Coach USA

Coach USA, Inc - Auto

Coach USA, Inc - WC

Coach, Inc. - Auto

Coach, Inc. - WC

Coachella Valley Water District (CA) - CORVEL


Coast Converters

Coastal Bend COG

Coastal Plains Community MHMR Center

Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

Cockrell Hill

Coinmach Service Corporation - Auto

Coinmach Service Corporation - WC


Coke County SWCD #219



Coleman County SUD

Coleman Housing Authority

Colgate-Palmolive Corporate - Auto

Colgate-Palmolive Corporate - WC

College of Wooster - WC


Collin Co Central Appraisal Dist

Collin County

Collin County SWCD

Collins Einhorn Farrell PC



Colonial Group, Inc/Everest - Auto

Colonial Group, Inc/Everest - WC

Colonial Pipeline Company - Auto

Colonial Pipeline Company - WC

Color Spot Nurseries

Colorado Casualty

Colorado City

Colorado City Housing Authority

Colorado Contractors Program

Colorado HealthCare Assoc. - Safety National Casualty Corp.

Colorado Hospital Association - CORVEL

Colorado Prime Corp.

Colorado Valley Transit District

Columbia Association - WC

Columbia Mutual Insurance Company

Columbia Sportswear - CORVEL

Columbia Sussex Corporation

Columbine Health Systems


Columbus Mckinnon Corporation - Auto

Columbus Mckinnon Corporation - WC

Columbus State Community College - WC

Comal CAD

Comal County ESD #1

Comal County ESD #3

Comal County ESD #5

Comal County ESD #7

Comal County Water Oriented Recreat Dist


Comanche Central Appraisal District

Comanche Housing Authority



Comfort Systems, Usa

Commerce & Industry/Greenwood

Commerce Housing Authority

Commercial Cleaning Systems - CORVEL

Commodore Cove Improvement District


Commonwealth Of Virginia (COV)

CommScope, Inc - Auto

CommScope, Inc - WC

Community Hospital Of Monterey Peninsula

Community Medical Centers (CA) - CORVEL

Community Memorial Health System, Corp - WC


Community Transit (WA only) - CORVEL


Como Housing Authority

Comp West

Companion Property and Casualty - WC

Companion Property and Casualty Insurance Company (dba Sussex Insurance Company)

Compass Group - WC

Compass Group Usa, Inc.

Compass Health (Murphy and Beane)

Complete Temp Labor

Comprehensive Risk Services

Compton Unified School District (CA)

CompWest Insurance

Con Edison - WC

Concho CAD

Concho SWCD #201

Concho Valley COG

Conduent Incorporated - Auto

Conduent Incorporated - WC

Conduent Workers Compensation Services (Formerly Bunch CareSolutions)


Connect 202 Partners, LLC - WC

CONNECT powered by American Family Ins - NEW JERSEY ONLY

CONNECT powered by American Family Ins (fks Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance) - EXCEPT NEW JERSEY

CONNECT powered by American Family Ins (fks IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company ) - EXCEPT NEW JERSEY

Connecticut Indemnity Company

Connecticut Transit District Consortium - Auto



Constellium US Holdings, I, LLC - WC

Constitution State Services

Consumer Specialties Insurance Company - Auto

Contech Construction Products

Continental Airlines

Continental Casualty

Continental Insurance

Continental Maintenance Indust

Continental Tire, The Americas, LLC - WC

Continental Western Insurance Co (CWG)

Continuing Life

ContiTech USA, Inc. - WC

Contra Coastal County Schools Insurance Group (CCCSIG)

Contra Costa County Risk Management (CCCRM)

Contra Costa Water District

Contract Claims Services (CCS)(City of Fort Worth Only)

Convergys Corporation


Cook & Solis Const.

Cook County Forest Preserve District

Cook County Government

Cooke CAD


Coolidge Housing Authority


Cooper Housing Authority

Cooperative Mutual

COP/CPB of The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS - Auto

COP/CPB of The Church of Jesus Christ of LDS - WC

Copeville SUD


Copper Canyon

Copperas Cove

Copperas Cove Housing Authority

Copperpoint Insurance (Copperpoint EMPLOYEE claims ONLY) - CORVEL

Copperpoint Mutual Insurance Company


Corelogic, Inc - Auto

Corelogic, Inc - WC


Corinthian Colleges (Carl Warren)

Corinthian Point MUD #2

Cornerstone Affiliates - WC

Corporate Services

Corporation of the Catholic Archbishop of Seattle - WC

Corpus Christi Downtown Management Dist

Corpus Christi Housing Authority

Correctional Management Service

Corrections Corp of America

Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) - CORVEL


Corrigan Housing Authority

Corrigan-Camden ISD


Corsicana Housing Authority


Coryell CAD

Coryell City Water Supply District

Cost Plus, Inc. - CORVEL

Cottage Health - WC

Cottingham and Butler - Equian

Cottonwood Creek MUD #1

Cottonwood Shores


Cotulla Housing Authority

Country Financial Country Casualty Insurance Company - CORVEL

Country Financial Country Mutual Insurance Company - CORVEL

Country Financial Country Preferred Insurance Company - CORVEL

Country Financial Modern Service Casualty Insur Co - CORVEL

Country Financial Mountain States Insurance - CORVEL

Country Financial MSI Preferred Insurance Company - CORVEL

Country Insurance Mutual Service Casualty Insur Co

Country Villa Health Services - SNCC

Country Villa Ox Hlth

Countryway Insurance Company

County Line SUD

County Motor Parts Company, In

County Of Alameda/AIG

County of Chesterfield, VA

County Of Dupage - CORVEL

County of Fresno

County of Humboldt - CORVEL

County of Imperial

County of Kern - CORVEL

County of Los Angeles (claim number starts with 1000 or ends in A or C) - CORVEL

County of Los Angeles (claim number starts with 2000)

County of Los Angeles (claim number starts with 3000 or ends with C) - CORVEL

County of Los Angeles (claim number starts with 4000/5000)

County of Loudoun (VA) - CORVEL

County Of Marin

County of Maui Risk Management Division - WC

County Of Monterey

County Of Sacramento

County Of San Bernadino

County of San Diego

County of Santa Barbara EWC - CORVEL

County of Santa Barbara-CSAC (CA) - CORVEL

County of Santa Cruz - WC

County of Shasta (CA) - CORVEL

County of Solano

County of Sonoma (CA)

County of Sullivan - CORVEL

County of Tulare (CA) - CORVEL

County Of Ventura

Courtyard Health C.


Covenant Health - WC



Cow Creek GCD

Coworx Staffing, LLC

Cox Construction Co

Cpe Peo Inc. / Dba: California

CPL-Minute Man

CPS Insurance - Auto

CPS Security Solutions

CR&R (Carl Warren)

Cracker Barrel (AUTO ONLY)

Cracker Barrel (WC ONLY)




Crane Company - WC

Crane Electronics - WC

Cranfills Gap

Crate & Barrel Holdings, Inc. - WC



Creative Risk Solutions


Creighton University - WC

Crescent Crown Distributing - CORVEL

Crescent Facilities Operations, LLC - CORVEL


Crete Township


Crockett County GCD

Crockett County SWCD

Crockett County WCID #1

Crosby Central Appraisal District

Crosby ISD

Crosby MUD


Crosbyton Housing Authority

Cross Plains

Cross Plains Housing Authority

Cross Roads

Cross Roads SUD

Cross Timber

Cross Timbers SWCD #556

Crossland - COOL Risk


Crowell Housing Authority



Crum & Forster Indemnity Co

Crystal City

Crystal City Housing Authority


CSAA Insurance Company

CSC Serviceworks - Auto

CSC Serviceworks - WC

CTI Foods Holding Co., LLC - Auto

CTI Foods Holding Co., LLC - WC

Ctl Environmental Services

Cucamonga School District (CA)


Cuero Community Hospital

Cuero Housing Authority

Culberson CAD

Culberson County GCD

Cumberland County Schools - WC

Cumberland Insurance Group


Cumby Housing Authority

Cumis Insurance Society

Cummins Inc. - WC


Cunningham Lindsey - WC

Cure Auto Insurance For NJ Auto

CUSIG (Credit Union Self-Insured Group of California)

Cut and Shoot

CVS Pharmacy

CVS Pharmacy (CAREMARK) (WC Only)

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. - Auto

CVS Pharmacy, Inc. - WC

CVS/Caremark/Minute Clinic

CW Montgomery County (Carl Warren)

Cypress Insurance Company (Member of BHHC)

Cypress Springs SUD

CYRO Industries - WC