The Solution for Group Health Documents

Jopari Attach® uses the same tools used by Providers for Workers’ Comp and Group Auto to send millions of attachments

About Jopari Attach®

Electronic Clinical & Attachment Solutions

Jopari Attach delivers a highly effective solution for solving the claims administrative and clinical data documentation challenges confronting Medical Providers and Health Plans. This solution delivers compliance-ready administrative and clinical Attachments (solicited and unsolicited) to Commercial and Government Health plans utilizing the same set of document exchange tools Providers have been using for years to send millions of Attachments per month to Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical Payers.

Jopari delivers competitive advantages to Providers by establishing innovative and flexible integrations with Payer systems, including claims management, payments, and documentation management systems.

Jopari Attach tools include:

  • Industry compliant formats such as ASC X12 275
  • Secure Portal upload of documents or images
  • Secure fax server using bar coded cover sheets
  • FTP or SFTP feeds on image files
  • Web services and API interfaces with EHR/EMR products

Today, Jopari provides Attachment integration with hundreds of Property & Casualty Payers. Commercial and Government Payers rely on many of these same systems and document management tools. This means our unique expertise enables effective and efficient delivery of electronic or paper Attachment files for Payers of all types:

  • In their required format
  • With required indexing
  • Allowing automated ingestion into their claims review processes
  • With minimal impact on Payer IT resources

Jopari Attach rules-based processing engine allows Payer specific requirements for documentation to be managed electronically, eliminating dependence on manual review.

For EMR/PM/RCM partners and Provider Submitters, Jopari launches its new All-Payer model.  This solution supports a consistent, streamlined, and compliant process allowing providers to send electronic Attachments to All Payers, regardless of electronic or paper submission to the payer – all for one economical price. This helps simplify attachment submissions to the fast-changing landscape of payer connectivity.

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