Jopari Solutions Enables Medical Providers to Electronically Submit Medical Claim Attachments to Anthem Health Care Plans.

 CONCORD, Calif., August 6, 2020 – Jopari Solutions, in collaboration with their industry trading partners, has successfully deployed Jopari’s Attach technology to enable medical providers to electronically submit claim attachments and medical records to over 50 Anthem Health Plans that span across Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, and Federal Employee Plan (FEP) lines of business.   Jopari’s solution enables medical providers’ systems to send required attachments (unsolicited) electronically to Anthem, thus eliminating the expense of paper processing and expediting the revenue cycle time.

“Anthem’s initiative to automate the claims attachment workflow is a major industry milestone in healthcare administrative simplification. The underlying costly administrative inefficiencies to support paper claim attachments processing, including medical records, have burdened our industry for too many years.” said Sherry Wilson, EVP & Chief Compliance Officer at Jopari Solutions.

Jopari’s electronic attachment technology is flexible, allowing all provider types, from small medical provider offices to large hospital systems, to leverage existing IT technology, resources and connectivity to be able to automate their attachment workflow process across all lines of healthcare business, including property and casualty.

We developed our electronic attachments solution in 2007 on our underlying platform and we are excited to be at this juncture with Anthem to allow for the easy onboarding of providers.  This is a win-win for all stakeholders.” said Steve Stevens, CEO & Chairman of Jopari Solutions.

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About Jopari Solutions
Jopari Solutions, Inc. is a healthcare information technology corporation and national healthcare clearinghouse, supplying innovative healthcare claim processing capabilities, attachment solutions, and flexible medical payments products across all lines of healthcare business, including Commercial, Government and Workers’ Compensation and Automobile Medical markets.  Jopari has established an extensive collaborative connectivity network linking payers, providers, practice management systems, electronic medical vendors, clearinghouses and other third-party trading partners.  Jopari enhances the participants’ ability to manage medical claims and payments, allowing reductions in administrative expenses and facilitates workflow automation.  Jopari is compliant with Federal and State Security, Privacy and Payment regulatory requirements including Property and Casualty eBill/ePay regulatory requirements.  Jopari regulatory compliance and industry best practices are verified by annual third-party certification for SOC2 Type II, SOC3 Cybersecurity, and Shared Assessments Third Party AUP Risk Assessment. For more information, please visit , email or call 800.630.3060


About Jopari Attach®

Jopari Attach® delivers a highly effective solution for solving the claims administrative and clinical data documentation challenges confronting Group Health Plans. This solution delivers compliance-ready administrative and clinical Attachments (solicited and unsolicited) to Group plans utilizing the same set of document exchange tools Providers have been using for years to send millions of Attachments per month to Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical Payers. Read More


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