The Electronification of Medical Claims, Attachments and Payments

Jopari Streamlines The Payment Cycle

Easier Digital Bill Submissions and Attachments. Fewer Errors. Faster Payments.

Don’t Drown in a Sea of Paper

Completely Eliminate Paper-based Transactions and Care-related Information

The Market Leader for Health Information Technology Solutions

Serving the Property & Casualty, Worker’s Compensation and Group Health Industries

Streamline Your Medical Bills – with Jopari eBill

Jopari is a leading customer-focused health information technology company supplying advanced medical EDI solutions to Payers and Providers in healthcare, workers’ compensation, auto medical and other medical services insurance markets.

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Jopari ProPay®

Jopari ProPay brings healthcare Payers an industry flexible, full spectrum set of payment methods that work in concert with a Payer’s existing bill review, claim, and financial systems, allowing Providers to choose the payment method best suiting their practice or organization’s needs.

Jopari Digital Mailroom®

Jopari’s Digital Mailroom is an integrated solution for medical claims, records, and other correspondence, and offers a variety of flexible options to implement an outsourced solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of your operations and allow your staff to focus on other critical activities of your business.

Jopari eBill®

With Jopari eBill, electronic medical bills and Attachments are received from Providers, billing services, clearinghouses, and other sources.  They undergo indexing, validation for required data, are normalized and delivered to the Payer in their required specified formats, ready for medical bill processing.

Jopari Remittance Gateway®

Jopari Remittance Gateway® is the solution that enables full compliance allowing you to meet evolving requirements and to improve the billing and payment processes of the Group/Commercial Healthcare markets, as well as Property & Casualty markets.

Jopari Attach®

Jopari Attach® delivers a highly effective solution for solving the claims administrative and clinical data documentation challenges confronting Group Health Plans. It delivers competitive advantage to Providers by establishing innovative integrations with Payer systems.

Jopari Adjustor Portal®

Jopari Adjustor Portal offers advanced productivity tools for claims staffs and is designed to assist Payers considering or already transitioning to paperless claims operations.



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