About Jopari Solutions

The Market Leader For Health Information Technology Solutions

Mission Statement

Jopari Solutions’ mission is to maintain its standing as a market leader by consistently exceeding our Clients’ expectations; providing the Property & Casualty, Workers’ Compensation and Group Health Industries with best-of-breed health information technology solutions. We continually communicate and learn from our clients in order to improve our products and services.

We strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your business so your business can grow. As your technology partner, when your business grows, our business will grow with you.

Since 2003 Jopari has spearheaded insurance industry efforts to eliminate paper and frictional costs from medical claim transactions. Today, our team offers unrivaled expertise in customer-centric, compliance ready digital solutions for: medical claim submission, delivery and workflow; payment and remittance processing; Attachment exchange; and status communications.  All supported by intelligent portal based tracking, search, archive and audit capabilities.

Our best-of-breed electronification platform  builds ROI quickly by cost-effectively modernizing end-to-end medical claim  processing. 

  • Lower loss adjustment expense for Payers.
  • Improved revenue cycle performance for Providers. 
  • Higher service levels for all.

Company Overview

Jopari’s expanding connectivity network now links over 5,000 insurance Payers with 1,500,000 Providers nationally, supplying extraordinary day-one trading partner penetration to new customers while enabling competitive opportunities to our entire connected community.

Jopari is a leading customer-focused health information technology company supplying advanced medical EDI solutions to Payers and Providers in healthcare, workers’ compensation, auto medical and other medical services insurance markets. Our services allow the complete elimination of paper-based transactions and care-related information exchange from the business side of medical services. Our corporate offices are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Jopari’s comprehensive, secure electronification of the medical claim life cycle allows our customers to capture and sustain highly competitive transaction processing efficiency and performance.  Our digital solutions comprising electronic bill submission and workflow, Attachment exchange, and payments and remittance processing are widely used by leading insurance carriers; and nationwide through partnerships with clearinghouses, bill review vendors, claims and practice management software companies, managed care networks, and provider organizations.

Jopari is widely recognized for its deep knowledge and technical competence within the P&C insurance and healthcare industries. We provide strong participation and solution leadership with our active involvement in agency, legislative and standard-setting organizations.  Our subject matter expertise assists such organizations as IAIABC, WEDI, The Cooperative Exchange, The AMA, X12.Org, HL7, NPCDP, NCVHS and various state jurisdictions.

Jopari is a SOC2, Type II fully attested technology company.