The Bridge Between Digital and Paper

Jopari Digital Mailroom® – the only P&C HIPAA Compliant and HITRUST Certified Integrated Mailroom Solution

About Jopari Digital Mailroom®

  • HIPAA Compliant and HITRUST Certified
  • Flexible Integration with Jopari eBill or Stand-alone
  • 99.5% Field Level Accuracy

Jopari’s Digital Mailroom is an integrated solution for medical claims, records, and other correspondence, and offers a variety of flexible options to implement an outsourced solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of your operations and allow your staff to focus on other critical activities of your business.

The Jopari Digital Mailroom is a HIPAA compliant and HITRUST certified solution that can be leveraged together with Jopari’s eBill electronic delivery of medical claims & attachments or implemented as a stand-alone product.  Our integrated mailroom solution has a 99.5% field level accuracy, an average TAT of 24 hours, and was built based on years of best practices after hundreds of implementations within the healthcare industry.  Both claim-related documentation plus non-claim related correspondence may be processed through Digital Mailroom.

Core capabilities:

  • Receipt of all mail and faxes
  • Automated sorting of documents through machine learning
  • Document preparation
  • Scanning of all collateral
  • Data capture
  • Data conversion
  • Data normalization
  • Reject management
  • Reject letters
  • Numerous other exception handling practices
  • Document storage/On-site document destruction
  • Configurable business rules
  • Customized reporting
  • Range of options to return data/images to your systems

Implementation Flexibility

Given that no implementation is the same, the Jopari Digital Mailroom solution is flexible and can be configured to meet your specific business needs.   We can design an optimal system for your organization; from receipt of mail to a P.O. Box, or to the delivery of scanned collateral and data.  Our team of solution engineers are experts at optimizing mailroom processes, and they ask the right questions to guide our customers through the implementation process and into production.