{“Gallagher Bassett has had the pleasure of being in a partnership with Jopari Solutions as its electronic billing and payment solutions service provider for over 12 years.  During this partnership, we have jointly created several custom integrations and product offerings which has allowed Gallagher Bassett to provide our clients an unsurpassable level of service in the marketplace.  With these integrations , Gallagher Bassett experienced a significant reduction in operational costs, a very significant increase in bill submissions, and a reduction in payment turnaround times.  Jopari’s Account Management and Client Support Teams provide us the highest level of professionalism and are truly a pleasure to work with.  They understand our business, listen to our challenges, and are very responsive to all our customer and claim staff inquiries.  We are confident that we have aligned ourselves with the “Best of the Best” in the industry!  Keep up the great work Jopari!"
  • Dave Swierzynski | Gallagher Bassett
  • Vice President, Business Solutions Architecture   
{“Thanks to Jopari’s outstanding customer service team, Athletico’s questions are quickly answered, and claims are being submitted timely. The Jopari team is always looking for ways to accommodate our requests in order to make our processes more efficient as we continue to grow. The support and collaboration that Jamie, our business analyst, provides is top notch! We look forward to continuing working with Jopari in the future."  
  • Sharon Osorio | Athletico Physical Therapy
  • Billing Manager
{“I wanted to thank you for your assistance. NJ PLIGA eob’s are now coming through, which is saving my team 10 hours per month. FYI, at least 2 other clearinghouses are still not receiving PLIGA eob’s, so we doubly appreciate Jopari’s work in getting access. Jopari is the strongest tool in our revenue cycle arsenal!”
  • Alexandra Archibold | IKS Health
  • AVP Client Services
{"Jopari displays a dedication for customer satisfaction and results. Their product continues to evolve bringing more benefits to both the provider and the payor. While streamlining the process of billing and reimbursement for medical services has proven fiscally smart, their process also reduces overhead and improves the Care Outcomes for all parties involved. Electronic submission of healthcare claims has been a standard in many areas of Reimbursement for decades. However, it has not been the norm in the field of Workers Compensation where attachments and case numbers are required. Jopari has managed to create an environment that eliminates the guess work and allows the Provider to manage their claims, while not spending a great deal of time doing so. Jopari is a true partner in developing solutions, we are pleased to work with them."      
  • Joan Hall | Concentra
  • AVP of Reimbursement
{"This is a very complex platform of information transfer for a $70 billion dollar industry. One of the areas that has been needing of work is tying together providers and payers. Jopari, from what I’ve seen, knows that area better than anyone else."
  • Peter Rousmaniere
  • Risk Management Consultant & Journalist for the Workers' Compensation Industry
{"eBill penetration continues to rise and related automated processing has lowered the turn-around time for payments by 33 percent."
  • Kim Haugaard | Texas Mutual Insurance
  • VP Network & Medical Operations