About Jopari ProPay®

Flexible Suite of Digital Healthcare Payments Options

Jopari ProPay brings to healthcare Payers an industry flexible, full spectrum set of payment methods that work in concert with a Payer’s existing bill review, claim, and financial systems allowing Providers to choose the payment method best suiting their practice or organization’s needs. This suite of multi-tiered payments options leverages advanced disbursement technologies to: (1) reduce costs of payment processing; (2) increase accuracy; and (3) streamline cash and remittance flows for both Providers and Payers.

Jopari ProPay® Value Proposition

Healthcare Payers eliminate paper and reduce operational expenses with Jopari ProPay.

Jopari ProPay allows Payers to outsource and streamline their paper-based payment and remittance processing, while migrating over 75% of payments to electronic methods – at a fraction of existing manual processing costs.

This next-generation solution in payment processing offers Providers a multi-tiered choice of payment delivery options, including: EFT\ERA; Virtual Card payments with electronic EOB/R; or Paper Checks & EOB/R.  Jopari ProPay features a self-service Provider portal for EOB/R delivery; and supports compliant 835 delivery to support eBilling transactions.

Reporting Capabilities

Jopari offers both standard and dynamic reporting capabilities. Reports can be generated on an ad hoc basis or set up on a schedule for automatic distribution to designated emails or FTP distribution. Standard electronic reports are delivered via FTP or available via website access. Paper reports are provided in readable format, obtainable through download, saving, and printing locally via the website, or from the FTP transmission.

A suite of 100+ reports are available to analyze all contact center activities.

Jopari does not provide Payer-to-state reporting services.


Standard Payer Reports to support eBill and Payment Processing are available via the Jopari Payer Portal in on-demand/real time and include:

  • Bill Count
  • Bill Turnaround
  • Bills at Risk
  • Post Payment Processing Reports

Ad hoc reporting (XLS on-demand / real time)