Compliance FAQ

Jopari is compliant with state and federal security and privacy requirements. Jopari’s applications are certified for SOC 2 Type 11, by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). This means that an independent auditor has examined and tested the  security and privacy controls protecting the data in our systems (including logical security, privacy, and data center security), and assured that these controls are in place and operating effectively as well as meet regulatory requirements.

“How can I verify Jopari’s applications are secured and meet federal and state requirements?

Our customers and regulators expect independent verification of security, privacy and compliance controls. Jopari undergoes an independent third party audit certification on a regular basis to provide this assurance. This means that an independent auditor has examined the controls present in our data centers, infrastructure and operations. Jopari  solutions has an annual audit for the SOC 2 Type11 that cross references the following security and privacy  control standards that includes  HIPAA, FISMA, FEDRAMP, NIST , Cyber Security Framework, SIG, Cobit and GLB.

“Can I obtain a copy of Jopari’s Certification Audit report?”

The SOC 2 Type 11 report proves that our controls have been examined by an independent accountant. It represents the practitioner’s report on management’s assertion(s) that the entity’s business being relied upon is in conformity with the applicable Trust Services Principle(s), Security and Privacy Criteria.  For Inquires relating to Jopari’s SOC2 Type 11 certification, please contact for more information.

“What industry and standard setting organizations does Jopari Support?”

Jopari holds leadership positions in many of the following  industry and standard setting organizations that we support in an effort to facilitate stakeholder electronic data interchange adoption across all lines of healthcare business: