Streamlining Billing Cycle Communications

Jopari Remittance Gateway® delivers major expense reductions in managing eBilling and payment statuses.

About Jopari Remittance Gateway®

Automation of  eBilling, Payments, Remittance and Provider Enrollment

Jopari, a leader in assisting Providers and Payers to streamline their billing and payment interactions, introduces Remittance Gateway, the solution enabling full compliance to meet those evolving requirements and improve the billing and payment processes of the Group/Commercial Healthcare as well as Property & Casualty markets.

Over the past few years, focus by regulators has been aimed at streamlining the reimbursement flows between medical Providers and Payers. A growing inventory of standards and Operating Rules has been enacted. Most of those efforts revolve around the use of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) processing and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) delivery.

Jopari Remittance Gateway allows Payers to automate fully compliant EFT enrollment/management and Remittance Advice (EOR/EOB) communications with Providers. Full ASC X12 835 remittance facilities. Standardized online enrollment for Payees. Secure portal services for Payer and Provider staffs. Comprehensive connectivity and support. Global industry linkage.  

Jopari Remittance Gateway provides a comprehensive ASC X12 electronic bill and attachment processing through a hosted transaction gateway, establishes vital communications and data access points giving Provider staffs the ability to effectively “self-manage” their eBilling transaction processing.

Remittance Gateway delivers major expense reductions through:
  • Decreased friction from extra phone calls / added bill cycles
  • Streamlined handling of payment status inquiries
  • Reduced appeal / reconsideration processing
  • Claim adjustors gain 25% more time to handle core claim activities

In addition, the Jopari Remittance Gateway offers Providers a comprehensive set of A/R cost reduction services, comprising:

  • Single point of EFT enrollment/management for a growing list of Payers
  • Online display and management of all banking information, controlled by user assignable roles/responsibilities of staff
  • Secure online bill / payment status anytime, anywhere
  • Ready access to View/ Download / Print PDFs of EORs/EOBs and payment records
  • Access 835 data as images, Excel or Text files, or even a downloadable 835
  • Intakes and validates medical bills and attachments from provider’s system, billing service or clearinghouse and distributes to Payers
  • Robust search archive tools for searching payment history and to evaluate past payments / remittance processing activity