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P&C Automation (Electronic Medical Bill) Webinar

Workgroup on EDI (WEDI) is making available at no charge the WEDI Property & Casualty eBill Sub-workgroup’s P&C Automation (Electronic Medical Bill) Webinar (Previously broadcast on 3/28/13). The WEDI free webinar addresses ebilling automation in the P & C Industry. Industry leaders will update you with:

  • A new overview of business efficiencies and regulatory policies
  • State-by-state current and pending regulations
  • The latest return on Investment (ROI) metrics
  • Best-Practice Action Plans for providers, payers and technology vendors

The recorded webinar and PDF of the slides can be downloaded from the WEDI website www.wedi.org. Click on “Recorded Presentations” under the Education tab. Check the box next to the title and go through the process of purchasing the free webinar [no charge to download and save]. You will then be given a link to download the recording; or you may download the slides by clicking on “Preview”.