The Case For Electronic Medical Payments with Jopari ProPay

WHITEPAPER - The Case For Electronic Medical Payments

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The Choice for Jopari ProPay is Clear

Jopari ProPay brings to Property & Casualty, Commercial & Government Payers an industry flexible, full spectrum set of payment methods that work in concert with your existing bill review, claim, and financial systems allowing Payees to choose the payment method best suiting their practice or organization’s needs. Jopari is dedicated to full transparency, with no hidden fees or confusing invoices plus complete portal access.

Multi-tiered payment options leverages advanced disbursement technologies to help Payers and Payees:

    • Reduce costs of payment processing
    • Increase accuracy
    • Streamline remittance flows

Searching for a true next-gen solution for Electronic Medical Payments? The clear choice is Jopari ProPay.

  • Total Transparency
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Confusing Invoices
  • Full Portal Access

Providers can easily access explanations of payments on the ProPay portal.


Invoices are clear and not unnecessarily complex, unlike other payment solutions.


Jopari ProPay is easy to use, with no hidden fees.


“With Jopari ProPay, invoices are clear and not unnecessarily complex.”


Jopari ProPay is a True Nex-Gen Payment Solution

“Insurance Payers, seeking to find a modern Payment Solution that can support medical payments and other claim payments to businesses and individuals, should look no further than Jopari ProPay.  

With connectivity to a nationwide network of over 1.8 million providers, Jopari provides a flexible solution that can help you and your payees meet your business goals and objectives.“

Max Chan

SVP, Strategic Partnerships

Max joined Jopari in May of 2021 as a senior member of Jopari’s executive leadership team. He is responsible for developing and executing strategic initiatives as well as customizing solutions for new business opportunities and existing business partners.

Eliminate Paper & Reduce Operational Expenses

Jopari ProPay allows Payers to outsource and streamline their paper-based payment and remittance processing, while migrating over 75% of payments to electronic methods – at a fraction of existing manual processing costs.

This next-generation solution in payment processing offers Providers a multi-tiered choice of payment delivery options, including: EFTERA; Virtual Card payments with electronic EOB/R; or Paper Checks & EOB/R.

Jopari ProPay features a self-service Provider portal for EOB/R delivery; and supports compliant 835 delivery to support eBilling transactions.

Jopari offers both standard and dynamic reporting capabilities. Standard Payer Reports to support eBill and Payment Processing are available via the Jopari Payer Portal in on-demand/real time.

 Dynamic Reporting

  • Generate ad hoc reports or schedule for automatic distribution
  • Standard electronic reports are delivered via FTP or available via website access.
  • Download paper reports via the website, or from FTP distribution.

Standard Reporting

  • Bill Count
  • Bill Turnaround
  • Bills at Risk
  • Post Payment Processing Reports
  • Ad hoc reporting (XLS on-demand / real time)