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More Customer Testimonials

“eBill penetration continues to rise and related automated processing has lowered the turn-around time for payments by 33 percent.”

Kim Haugaard – VP Network & Medical Operations, Texas Mutual Insurance

“Concentra has seen an improvement in over 15 days in payment cycles, and communications with the claims staff is timelier.”

Greg Gilbert – SVP Reimbursement and Governmental Affairs, Concentra, Inc.

“Since we started e-billing our revenue has increased. Our payments are received faster. With Jopari, we can provide proof of billing very easily.”

Lauren Eggleston – Director of Collections, WolMed Medical P.A.

“Our customers include a wide variety of providers, and many treat WC patients. For both customer satisfaction and retention, it was an imperative for ZirMed to offer eBilling capabilities.”

Dave Fielding –  VP Client Support, ZirMed, Inc.

“Partnering with Jopari as the e-bill agent for our clients has provided us with a cost effective solution saving time, energy and resources at a time when costs savings are critical in the industry. Jopari ‘s e-bill solution has our clients not only in compliance with the legislative mandate, but ahead of the curve in the number of bills they are receiving from providers.”

Patti Starr -CEO & President, Starr Comprehensive Solutions