Asset Protection with Jopari ProPay Trust®

Federally regulated protection from loss, fraudulent use and bankruptcy

About Jopari ProPay® Trust

Jopari ProPay Trust processes over $9 billion in healthcare benefit payments annually, serving more than 50,000 ERISA health plans and fully insured groups.

The Jopari ProPay Trust is an integral part of the Jopari suite of solutions and functions as a “Payee” Trust. Obligations to payees (providers or members) from adjudicated claims of healthcare benefit plans are deposited in the Jopari ProPay Trust. The beneficiaries of the Trust are, therefore, these payees. The Jopari ProPay Trust holds these funds on behalf of these payees until they accept an electronic transaction or cash a paper check for the funds assigned to them. Trusts are strictly regulated by federal and state laws to ensure that assets held by the Trust are protected, on behalf of the beneficiary, from loss, fraudulent use and the bankruptcy of any parties. Jopari believes that this type of protection is vital to our clients and the people they serve.

The ProPay Trust Guarantees:

  • Asset Safety Funds in the Jopari ProPay Trust are stable, liquid and cannot be lost.
  • Control Only the beneficiaries of adjudicated claims approved by health plans receive payments.
  • Conveyance Efficiency Benefit payments are made to the payee quickly and easily.
  • Protection Assets are protected from bankruptcy claims.
  • Security Trust assets are protected from fraudulent use.
  • Confidentiality All information is kept private and secure.