Jopari and Edifecs Webinar

Jopari and Edifecs hosted a webinar on June 29, 2016  on Claim Attachment grass root efforts.  This webinar followed a detailed Attachments presentation Jopari and Edifecs provided for WEDI on how a community approach to claims Attachment adoption has been more effective than waiting for industry mandates; in addition to P&C and group health [...]

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PPT: What HIPAA Covered Entities Can Learn from Property & Casualty eBilling’s End-to-End Revenue Cycle Workflow

This Powerpoint presentation covers: Overview HIPAA Covered & Non-Covered Entities Objective of Property & Casualty (P&C) Initiatives Top 10 Business Needs to Address in Order to Obtain Maximum ROI P&C End-to-End Workflow ROI* One workflow for all lines of healthcare business! View or download the presentation for WEDI:  “What HIPAA Covered Entities Can Learn [...]

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WEDI Webinar Explains Property & Casualty Industry eBilling

Workgroup on EDI (WEDI) is making available at no charge the WEDI Property & Casualty eBill Sub-workgroup’s P&C Automation (Electronic Medical Bill) Webinar (Previously broadcast on 3/28/13). The WEDI free webinar addresses ebilling automation in the P & C Industry. Industry leaders will update you with: A new overview of business efficiencies and regulatory [...]

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