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Claim Attachments Webinar

Jopari and Edifecs hosted a webinar on June 29, 2016  on Claim Attachment grass root efforts.  This webinar followed a detailed Attachments presentation Jopari and Edifecs provided for WEDI on how a community approach to claims Attachment adoption has been more effective than waiting for industry mandates; in addition to P&C and group health Attachment success stories.The recorded webinar is available here.

Webinar: Healthcare and P&C Attachments are here

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P&C Automation (Electronic Medical Bill) Webinar

Workgroup on EDI (WEDI) is making available at no charge the WEDI Property & Casualty eBill Sub-workgroup’s P&C Automation (Electronic Medical Bill) Webinar (Previously broadcast on 3/28/13). The WEDI free webinar addresses ebilling automation in the P & C Industry. Industry leaders will update you with:

  • A new overview of business efficiencies and regulatory policies
  • State-by-state current and pending regulations
  • The latest return on Investment (ROI) metrics
  • Best-Practice Action Plans for providers, payers and technology vendors

]The recorded webinar and PDF of the slides can be downloaded from the WEDI website www.wedi.org. Click on “Recorded Presentations” under the Education tab. Check the box next to the title and go through the process of purchasing the free webinar [no charge to download and save]. You will then be given a link to download the recording; or you may download the slides by clicking on “Preview”.

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HATA: Promoting Administrative Simplification through ERA and EFT Adoption

Administrative simplification is a team sport and in that light, the Healthcare Administrative Technology Association (HATA), the national practice management association, has released an Industry Call to Action to encourage all stakeholders to collaboratively work with practice management systems (PMS) to address and encourage provider adoption and vendor/payer HIPAA compliance of electronic standard transactions.
With the release of this Call to Action, HATA will be working toward the creation of a nationwide public education campaign to:

Click below to download the complete PDF.

HATA: Promoting Administrative Simplification through ERA and EFT Adoption – An Industry Call to Action