Jopari Energizes Attachments Exchange

Global Industry Connectivity Network Empowers Providers’ Own Systems

CONCORD, Calif., Aug. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Jopari, the leading supplier of advanced electronic billing, payments and attachments technology reducing end-to-end Workers’ Compensation medical transactions workflow expense by 70%, now enables medical Providers to use their existing practice management billing applications to exchange attachments electronically with workers’ compensation and healthcare industry Payers.

The Workers’ Compensation industry is particularly reliant on accompanying clinical records and reports, or attachments, on a very high percentage of submitted bills to justify payments.  Although supplying additional documentation with bills has always been time and resource intensive, nevertheless demand for accompanying attachments is intensifying today across all lines of coverage.

Business conditions as well as emerging regulatory emphasis on attachments have become key cost and technology challenges for medical Providers and Payers generally.  Over 2 billion paper medical attachments were submitted last year, flooding Payers’ mailrooms.  Attachments technology is clearly needed to lower processing expense and allow for improved patient outcomes.

Jopari’s attachment solution, Jopari Attach®, satisfies State mandates for workers’ compensation attachments by providing a seamless attachment application for use within a provider’s existing workflow. Because Providers need to submit attachments across all lines of healthcare business, Jopari Attach allows Providers to pull attachments from their existing systems and leverage a single end-to-end automated workflow application for WC, P&C and their other core group-health Payer segments.

Larger Provider organizations and Clearinghouses also recognize the gap in fully automating the revenue management process.  They want to stop sending paper and have been seeking answers to better manage attachment submissions. Jopari is providing a solution to them that does not require opening a separate application, or taking different/additional steps.

Working with Jopari allows them to simply leverage their existing IT investment and connectivity across the attachments spectrum from simple faxing to portal tracking to EDI transactions – with the flexibility to integrate with their Payers’ existing technology and workflow processes.

“Jopari is making it remarkably easier for medical Providers to get paid,” states Steve Stevens, Jopari’s CEO.  “We are continually growing our massive connectivity network so that WC Providers can submit medical billing and attachments electronically to all Payers using their existing office technology.  We currently manage millions of attachments monthly, with our volume moving up sharply reflecting surging industry demand.  A total of 49 million medical attachments were processed electronically in 2015, of which Jopari processed 36 million.”

“In the overall medical delivery system the fact is that relatively few Providers focus exclusively on occupational medicine or provide care limited to WC patients,” continued Mr. Stevens.  “The vast majority of Provider practices now being required to send documentation on their much higher percentage of pure healthcare patients are entering this new electronic attachments frontier, and being presented with the opportunity to submit attachments electronically to all group, commercial, and governmental health programs.  Our Jopari Attach technology is delivering that opportunity.”

The National Committee on Vital Health and Statistics (NCVHS), an advisory committee to the Department of Health and Human Services, has recently recommended to HHS the need to establish rules for electronic submission of attachments to this very large cohort of group and commercial Payers.  The NCVHS proposed rules are very similar to rules utilized by the WC industry for a number of years to effectively streamline claim and attachment submission without requiring every medical practice to invest in additional technology.

Concluded Mr. Stevens, “Jopari has played a very active role –  alongside industry experts, technology partners, National Standards Organizations and governmental agencies – in advocating for these proposed attachment rules. They allow us to migrate our same WC attachments connectivity capabilities to benefit the Provider trading partners of group, commercial, and governmental Payers.”

Stop by Booth 834 at the WCI360 2016 educational conference and meet the Jopari team. Whether it is WC, Auto Medical, and now Commercial Attachments, Jopari can help.

About JopariJopari Solutions, Inc. is a healthcare information technology company supplying innovative healthcare Attachment management and flexible medical payments products; and integrated eBill compliance and flexible medical payments for Workers’ Compensation and Auto Medical markets. Jopari has established an extensive connectivity network linking Payers, Providers, practice management systems and clearinghouses, and offers innovative solutions to assist with the management of attachments. Jopari enhances Payers’ ability to manage medical bills and disbursements, allowing reductions in associated expenses in addition to compliance with applicable federal rules and jurisdiction eBill/ePay regulatory requirements. Jopari maintains best practice SSAE 16 Type II attested internal controls. For more information, please visit, email, or call 800.630.6030 x5700.