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Jopari Solutions Leads The Way

Jopari Solutions leads the way in providing the intellectual and technology catalysts to change the Property & Casualty insurance industry’s reliance on paper-based processing.  The focus is in three areas – electronic submission of medical bills and attachments from providers that represents a significant percentage of an insurance payers’ volume of paper; electronic workflow tools for claims departments to virtually eliminate other inbound sources of paper documents; and tools to streamline payment processing, including capabilities to offer EFT.  All of these are “hot buttons” to the P&C insurance industry, and have been acknowledged by state regulators as areas that they are now focusing on to compel stakeholders to be more efficient, reducing operating costs.

Jopari Leads The Way in eBilling

The initiative that is receiving the most attention presently is the electronic submission of medical bills and attachments, coined as “eBill.”  With a growing realization that there are billions of dollars of administrative waste in the medical industry, the need to eliminate unnecessary paper processes is a “front page” issue for the medical community and regulators alike.  Jopari is engaged, and in many cases leading the eBill initiatives at the national and jurisdiction level.  Not only are we establishing the most extensive connectivity network of payers and providers to conduct eBilling, Jopari is playing a pivotal role in the communication to and education of stakeholders while guiding the development of the framework necessary to have a comprehensive solution.
As part of this eBill advocacy effort, Jopari has led many of the key collaborative initiatives with the IAIABC, AMA, jurisdictions, the National Standard Setting Organizations (SDO), and others to help establish national electronic medical billing and payment standards to meet the business needs of the property and casualty industry.

Jopari Solutions, Inc. is committed to ongoing development of tools and standards that will help the P&C industry achieve successful deployment of EDI methods.  The approach is to base these tools and standards from the end-user customer’s perspective, while ensuring that there is no loss of the need to focus on the technical considerations.  Download the PDF for some of the highlights of Jopari Solutions, Inc. industry leadership roles and collaborative ongoing eBill initiatives.

Download the complete PDF here.


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